Priest resigns from episcopal nomination due to health problems

In France, Father Ivan Brient was named Auxiliary Bishop of Rennes, but he has asked to resign from his assignment because he is facing health problems that would prevent him from assuming the charge

Newsroom (November 20, 2022, 8:10 PM, Gaudium Press) Last October 7, 2022, Pope Francis appointed French priest Ivan Brient to the position of auxiliary bishop of the diocese of Rennes in western France.

After a little over a month since the appointment, 50-year-old priest Ivan Briente has officially resigned from the mission due to health problems.

Request for resignation from the mission

On October 28, Father Ivan Brient, wrote to the Supreme Pontiff requesting the resignation of his appointment with “regret but in peace,” according to his words. He continued in the missive: “in peace because I know that the Lord always knows how to open new paths even when we think we are at a dead end.

On November 16 his resignation was officially accepted. The priest then announced his decision publicly. He explained that he has been diagnosed with burnout syndrome and has clear and alarming symptoms.

“These signs allowed me to understand that I was, on the one hand, tired, and that, on the other hand, I feared the tensions that this mission (the appointment) would awaken in me and I would find it difficult to face them,” the priest stressed.

Father Brient will continue in the diocese of Vannes

After talks with Archbishop Celestino Migliore, apostolic nuncio in France, and Archbishop Pierre d’Ornellas, Archbishop of Rennes, the three decided not to continue Father Ivan’s assignment.

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Therefore, he will not be ordained episcopal on December 4 and will continue to act as vicar general of the diocese of Vannes.

The Bishop of Vannes, Raymond Centene, and all the members of the council of the diocese expressed fraternal support for Father Brient. Bishop Raymond assured him of a time of rest before returning to his duties as vicar general.

Burnout syndrome, professional burnout

Burnout syndrome, or professional burnout, is a psychological disorder caused by prolonged stress to difficult working conditions, whether material, psychological, or emotional.

The main symptoms of Burnout syndrome are physical and emotional fatigue that can manifest itself through aggressiveness, irritability, anxiety, and depression, among other attitudes. (FM)

Compiled by Zephania Gangl

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