Police intercepted Envelope with three bullets addressed to Pope Francis

Newsroom (August 9, 2021 – Gaudium Press) – An envelope addressed to the Pope containing three pistol bullets and a message referring to financial transactions in the Vatican was intercepted at the postal sorting centre in Peschiera Borromeo. The letter was seized by the Carabinieri of the San Donato Milanese company, who are investigating the matter with colleagues from the Milan investigative unit under the direction of the public prosecutor on duty at the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, Alessandra Cerreti.

Three 9 mm calibre Flobert-type bullets

The envelope, according to what has been learnt, contained three 9 mm calibre Flobert-type bullets. The text, written in barely legible pen, was addressed to “The Pope – Vatican City – St Peter’s Square in Rome.” The Carabinieri were alerted during the night by the centre manager,  located in via Archimede in Peschiera Borromeo. The envelope was found by the employees during the sorting operations and seized by the Carabinieri. The piece of mail is now under examination by the Carabinieri’s Surveys Section.


The identity of the sender is said to be already known to the Vatican gendarmes, with whom the Milan Carabinieri will coordinate to assess the gesture and possible danger. The sender of the envelope would have already sent letters to the Vatican in the past. At the moment, the information that interests the investigators most is his whereabouts. Obviously, it would raise a different alarm if he were in France rather than in St Peter’s Square in Rome, as some investigators point out. The stamp on the letter is French. Inside the envelope, there would also have been a copy of a 10-euro payment. So far, the origin of the payment remains unknown.

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Compiled by Raju Hasmukh

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