Ontario to resume masses after extended lockdowns due to third wave of the Pandemic

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Parishioners can return to in-person Mass beginning the weekend of June 12-13 with strict distancing regulations in place and a maximum of 15-per-cent capacity in churches.

Newsdesk (June 10, 2021, 15:58, Gaudiumpress) – Ontario’s catholic population of roughly about 4.6 million, has been unable to attend in-person mass since April 8 2021 due to regulations in place to curb the third wave of the pandemic. Churches did remain open during this period with only 10 people allowed in the church at any point in time. During this period, with the permission and encouragement of their local ordinaries, some churches were able to offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Holy Communion services on Saturday afternoon/evening and Sundays.

Starting June 11, Feast of the Sacred Heart, with the easing of lockdown measures, Catholics in Ontario can return to in-person Mass. Catholic Churches are looking forward to holding public masses even with the mandated strict distancing regulations and a maximum of 15-per-cent capacity in churches.

Outdoor Services

For outdoor services, there are no capacity limits as long as physical distancing can be maintained. The Archdiocese of Toronto which has 1.89 million Catholics said indoor services are recommended.
“The celebration of the sacraments indoors is the preferred setting for liturgies in the Archdiocese of Toronto,” the archdiocese said in guidelines sent to parishes.

Current liturgical restrictions remain in place, for all services. These include suspension of the communal distribution of the Precious Blood, Communion distributed in the hand only, no physical contact during the sign of peace and any worship aids must be one-time use only to be disposed of after each service. Parishioners are also reminded to not gather or socialize before and after liturgies.


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