Moral Ecology As Relevant As the Physical Environment

“Why should we not also be concerned with a moral ecology, where man lives as man and as a child of God?”

Newsroom (30/11/2021 11:00 AM, Gaudium Press“Chastity is very beautiful. It is not a yoke, but it is a liberation; it is not an inferiority complex, but it is a distinction, a fortitude of spirit; it is not a source of anxiety and scruples, but it is a maturity of judgment and self-control; it is not ignorance of the reality of life, but f knowledge free from any possible contagion, more lucid and penetrating than the opacity proper to passionate and animal experience.”

“Purity is the proper condition for love, for true love, whether it is the natural or the superhuman, dedicated solely to the kingdom of heaven.

“We must defend ourselves from the powerful temptations of the flesh, if we want to live the Paschal Mystery, internally and externally, above all in the heart, from which are born the good and evil of which we are capable[1] in and around the environment: today we are concerned with ecology, that is, keeping the physical environment clean where man’s life takes place: why should we not also be concerned with a moral ecology, where humans live like humans and as children of God?”

Excerpts from:

PAUL VI. General Audience. 31 March 1971.

[1] Cf. Mt 15, 19; 2 Tim 2, 22.

Compiled by Camille Mittermeier

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