Monuments Illuminated in Red Symbolize the Blood of Persecuted Christians

Aid to the Church in Need celebrates “Red Week” where cathedrals and monuments are illuminated in red representing the blood of persecuted Christians.

Newsroom (November 22, 2021, 2:30 PM, Gaudium Press) To make nations aware of the persecution Christians suffer in the world, the institution “Aid to the Church in Need” proposes a week called “Red Week.” From November 17th to the 24th, cathedrals and symbolic monuments will be illuminated in red.

In fact, the intention is to represent the blood of Christians persecuted for their faith through the red illumination of the buildings. This year’s “Red Week” wants to keep the persecution of women in the spotlight.

Currently, explained Alessandro Monteduro, director of Aid to the Church in Need in Italy, the freedom to practice one’s religion is not considered an essential freedom by many countries.

It is estimated that 416 million Christians are humiliated, discriminated against, and persecuted because of their religion in the country where they live.

These are the approximate figures, but the actual numbers can be much higher. In fact, many acts of violence and persecution go unreported because of fear. People are afraid to report what has happened for fear of reprisals.

Although some countries have a special delegate to guarantee freedom of religion, progress can be greatly improved among countries throughout the world. (FM)

With information from VaticanNews.

Compiled by Sarah Gangl

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