Letter from a churchgoer regarding the fire that destroyed his church in Canada

What does a good Christian feel when he sees his historic church on fire?

Newsdesk (July 16, 2021, 13:40 PM, Gaudium Press)  Gaudium Press has been reporting about the recent fires in several churches in Canada, particularly the destruction of St. John the Baptist Church in Morinville, Alberta, an emblematic church of more than 100 years of construction. These incidents followed the discovery of children’s bodies near an indigenous school run by the Catholic Church.

The following are excerpts from a letter from a member of that parish to a friend, describing his grief at no longer having the temple:

Good evening,

I hope you are well! I am writing to you to share some horrible news. Our church was burned down very early this morning, June 30. Including our church, [the wave of fires] has left a balance of seven Catholic churches burned and many others vandalized.

Attendance in the church has never faltered

During most of the pandemic, there was daily Mass in our church. There was no Mass only for two months, but it always remained open with daily Eucharistic adoration. Our parish priest Fr. Trini, has always been with his flock, ministering the sacraments with courage and good disposition. He is a very good man and a good shepherd, and at this time, he is going through a difficult trial. So, I wholeheartedly ask you and your community for prayers and offer the Holy Mass for him, our parish, our diocese, the conversion of these evil people, and for all Canada.

The fire burned the church, and they could not rescue the Blessed Sacrament, which hurts us deeply! However, we pray for a miracle and that under the rubble, the Lord will be safe and sound. Furthermore, it was a beautiful church that was more than 100 years old (which is unusual in Canada); it was historic. There are members of other Christian churches and non-believers alike moved by this criminal act.

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Please pray for an end to this wave of hatred and criminality against our Holy Roman Catholic Church!

Enclosed, a few pictures of what our church looked like and how it was destroyed by the flames.

Thank you very much! God bless you!!!

Compiled by Ena Alfaro

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