In China, 400 Million People Left the Communist Party

The number was reached in early August.

Newsroom (27/08/2022 2:15 PM, Gaudium PressThis news coming from China is a real bombshell. Communist China, the same one that is now sending troops to the Ukraine, and threatening total war against Taiwan or anyone who dares to question its rule over the island. The same one that bypasses the secret agreements with the Vatican and persecutes all Catholics who do not want to bow to the tyranny of Marx and Mao’s doctrine.

As many believed China to be lost forever, now some surprising bells are ringing: this August, the gigantic figure of 400 million people who have renounced their ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations has been reached.

Many of them are Migrants

Such is the case of businessman Chen Quanhong of the eastern province of Shandong, who made a formal declaration of a break last June, thus joining the people’s movement that was born in 2004, and which has a name in Chinese, ‘Tuidang‘, ‘Resignation from the Party’.

“In China, I was nothing but a worm trampled underfoot by authoritarian power, who didn’t dare to cause any disturbance,” Chen told the Epoch Times. “It was only when I came to the United States that I started to feel like a person, because finally there is no fear of the Communist Party.” Yes, that regime is only sustained by fear, which many are already beginning to lose.

Compiled by Florence MacDonald


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