In an interview, Pope Francis talks about his attitudes towards the war in Ukraine

In an interview with the Argentinean newspaper “La Nación”, Pope Francis answered questions about the war in Ukraine

Newsroom (27/04/2022 11:00, Gaudium PressIn an interview granted and published in the Argentinean newspaper La Nación, Pope Francis answered questions from journalist Joaquin Morales Solá.

The Argentinian newspaper covered several subjects, but the Ukrainian question was the most prominent issue in the interview.

The journalist asked why Pope Francis never names Russian President Vladimir Putin or Russia when referring to the war in Ukraine. 

The Pontiff replied that “a pope never names a head of state, let alone a country, which is superior to its head of state.

Pope Francis then confirmed that there are diplomatic talks underway, but that he could not specify the details.

When asked about his visit to the Russian embassy, Francis explained that it was an act of personal responsibility:

“It is clear for anyone who wants to see that (I) was signaling to the government that it can end the war at the next moment. To be honest, I would like to do something so that there will be no more deaths in Ukraine. Not one more. And I am willing to do everything (for that).”

Francis then specified that at this “time of civilization” any reason for a war is “anachronistic.”

About a possible visit of his to Kiev, Francis explained that he cannot endanger higher goals such as the very end of the war, a truce, or humanitarian corridors, for example.

He himself questioned about his going to Kiev: “What would be the point of the Pope going to Kiev if the war continues the next day?”

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The Argentine journalist asked about Francis’ relationship with the Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow, Kirill.

Pope Francis responded by saying that it is very good, however he regretted that a meeting between the two, which was scheduled for June, was cancelled: “our diplomacy understood that a meeting of the two at this time could lead to much confusion.”

In fact, this would be the second time that the head of the Catholic Church would meet with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Pope Francis is the first Pope that Kirill has agreed to see. Previously the Orthodox Patriarch had refused to meet with John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

In 2016, the first meeting of the religious heads took place in Havana. The meeting took place at the request of the Russian Patriarch. Francis who was traveling to Mexico, made a stopover in Cuba only to meet with Kirill, who was already touring the island. (FM)


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