For Health Reasons, Pope Francis Cancels Schedule of Activities

Pope Francis had to cancel several of his activities last Friday for health reasons, the Vatican reported

Newsroom (23/04/2022 20:30, Gaudium PressLast Friday, April 22, the Holy See Press Office reported that the Pope cancelled all audiences that were scheduled during the day in order to undergo medical examinations.

Matteo Bruni, the Vatican spokesman, indicated only that the Pope would reduce his activities for the day because of medical examinations.

The reason for the medical appointment is believed to be pain in his right knee from which the Pope has been suffering for some time.

The knee pain began earlier this year. During his trip to Malta, the Pope who is 85 years old had complained about them to journalists:

I have this problem in my knee that causes difficulties to walk, it is a little uncomfortable, but it is getting better, at least I can walk. Two weeks ago I couldn’t do anything. It is a little slow; we will see if it goes back to the way it was before, but there is doubt. At this age we don’t know how the game will turn out, let’s hope it goes well,” he explained.

This is not the first time that Francis has had to cancel meetings or activities in recent weeks.

During the traditional Urbi et Orbi blessing on Easter Sunday, the Pope began his speech standing up, but had to sit down during his words.

During the Easter Vigil, the Pope delegated the celebration of the Holy Mass to Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re. And during Holy Week he avoided getting around on foot.

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Pope Francis also did not participate in the Palm Sunday procession on April 10.

The Pope’s next public appearance is scheduled for Sunday, when he is expected to celebrate the Mass for the Feast of Divine Mercy. (FM)

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