European Bishops support return of the Archbishop of Minsk to Belarus

Archbishop Kondrusiewicz of Minsk
Archbishop Kondrusiewicz of Minsk

Newsroom (September 4, 2020 Gaudium Press) Now the European Bishops join in support for Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz of Minsk, who is being prevented from entering Belarus by the government.

The Confederation of European Bishops’ Conferences, expressed the “closeness of the entire European Episcopate to Monsignor Kondrusiewicz and the Church of Belarus in this delicate moment,” in a communiqué from its President while recalling the Pope’s appeal for “dialogue, the rejection of violence and respect for justice and the law” in the country, during Francis’ Angelus prayer on August 16.

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The European bishops demand that the Belarusian government allow “the immediate return of the Archbishop of Minsk to his home and the resumption of his episcopal ministry,” and invite everyone to “commit themselves to a peaceful solution to the conflict and to follow, with confidence, the path of dialogue for the good of man and society as a whole.

Lukashenko accuses Archbishop Kondrusiewicz

The leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, no longer stops in his tracks, regarding his attacks on the Catholic Church and particularly on the Archbishop of Minsk.

According to Lukashenko, the Archbishop of Minsk received “concrete missions” from Poland while he was there. In addition, the government has opened an investigation against Archbishop Kondrusiewicz for allegedly holding other citizenship than Belarusian, presumably Polish.

“We don’t care if he is the head of the Catholics, Orthodox or Muslims. He must abide by the law. And if you get involved in politics and drag the Catholic faithful along with you (…) then you have a double responsibility,” declared Lukashenko. Such inquiry into Archbishop Kondrusiewicz’s dual nationality is seen by many as a retaliation for his defense of citizens’ rights after the massive protests on Aug 9 elections.

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