Colombia: Forces at Work to Close the Catholic Chapel of Congress

The controversial initiative is from three representatives of the House and there is already a strong reaction against it.

Newsroom (16/09/2022 08:30, Gaudium Press) Yesterday it was the chapel of Eldorado Airport in Bogota; now it is the chapel of the Colombian Congress.

In effect, three representatives of the House (Juan Carlos Losada – Liberal, Luis Alberto Albán – Common and Alirio Uribe – Historical Pact) have presented a proposal requesting that the chapel of Mary Help of Christians, located in the Capitol, should not belong to any religion, but to all religious denominations.

Faced with this proposal, voices of protest have already been raised, including from Members of Parliament, including Miguel López, who said that “we support inclusion, but when inclusion means violating the acquired rights of the citizens, it becomes an imposition and we are democrats, not tyrants”.

Similarly, Senator Mauricio Giraldo promoted a period of internet activism on his social networks at noon today with the hashtag #LaCapillaSeQueda. “They want us to close the Chapel of the Congress of the Republic”, highlights the message that accompanies this initiative.

So far it is only a proposal by three parliamentarians taken to the plenary of their corporation, but the recent attempt to close the Catholic oratory at Eldorado airport and the strong reaction of the Catholic community in this regard are already causing tempers to flare over this new closure attempt.

Compiled by Sandra Chisholm

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