Church in Vietnam Ordains 38 New Missionary Priests

The priestly ordinations took place in different dioceses of the country, but all on the day when the Catholic liturgy celebrated the feast of St. Francis Xavier, patron saint of the Missions.

Newsroom – Vietnam – Hanoi (December 8, 2021, 1:00 PM, Gaudium Press) During the feast of St. Francis Xavier, patron saint of the Missions, celebrated on December 3, the Catholic Church in Vietnam ordained 38 new missionary priests in different dioceses.

Ba Ria Diocese: Six Priests

Six Jesuit priests were ordained in the Diocese of Ba Ria, in the south of the country, by local Bishop Emmanuel Nguyen Hong Son in the chapel of St. Joseph’s Academy. In his homily, the prelate stressed that he was not giving the candidates a title of power, “the priesthood is a grace and a mission for them, to fulfill the priestly ministry of Jesus.” He then asked the faithful to pray “that the new priests will live the prophetic mission, preaching the Word of God.”

Archdiocese of Hanoi: Fifteen Priests

Fifteen more priests were ordained in the Archdiocese of Hanoi. The ceremony was presided by the local Archbishop, Most Rev. Joseph Vu Van Thien. The prelate expressed his wish that the new priests “become skilled sowers, eager to go out into the field to bring souls to God,” for they “are called to be missionaries, sent into the stream of life to spread the Word of God, giving witness to Jesus Christ with their lives and gathering the lost sheep.”

Lang Son Diocese: Nine Priests

Nine priests were ordained by Bishop Joseph Chau Ngoc Tri, Bishop of Lang Son Diocese, who stressed that the mission of consecrated persons is to preach “Jesus Christ, the love of God and his salvation for all mankind. To be a priest and missionary like St. Francis Xavier, one must have a heart inflamed by the passion of the evangelizing mission.” The prelate warned the new priests that the priesthood “is not a power to rule, nor a position to benefit oneself or one’s family.”

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Diocese of KonTum: Eight Priests and Nine Deacons

Eight more priests and nine deacons were ordained in the Diocese of KonTum, in Vietnam’s central highlands, by local Bishop Aloisio Nguyen Hung Vi. According to the prelate, “all priests and deacons need four things: closeness to God; closeness to the bishop; closeness to the clergy; closeness to the people of God. He concluded by exhorting the new priests to “guide the faithful in living the Word of God, care for the parish community.” (EPC)

Compiled by Sarah Gangl

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