Church in Mexico will also celebrate the month of the Bible


As a way to help the faithful better celebrate the month of the Bible, a series of aids entitled ‘Enthroning the Bible’ has been prepared.

Newsroom (August 25, 2021, 10:20 PM, Gaudium Press) On the occasion of the Month of the Bible, celebrated in September, the Biblical Pastoral of the Mexican Episcopal Conference is offering the faithful a series of twelve aids with the title “Enthroning the Bible”, that seeks to spread the Word of God, to exalt it and to deepen its understanding.

According to the Mexican Bishops’ Conference, this is an opportunity for lay faithful and pastors of the Church to promote initiatives that lead to the source of Christian life, the Holy Scripture. In addition, it is also a time to thank the Lord, asking for his mercy and peace in this turbulent time caused by the pandemic.

Presenting our Lord Jesus Christ as a close companion

“With the prophet Ezekiel we know that the Word of God encourages those who may feel weary or discouraged by the scourge of the epidemic and other evils such as violence and crime,” said Bishop Adolfo Miguel Castaño Fonseca, Bishop of Azcapotzalco who is responsible for the Biblical Animation of Pastoral Ministry of the Mexican Episcopal Conference.

The hope of the Mexican episcopate, through the Global Pastoral Project, is “to present Jesus Christ, living and risen, a fellow traveler, who broadens horizons and gives us confidence in the very difficult and complex realities in which we live, including the pandemic.”

Biblical Pastoral has prepared twelve aids

It is following this line of thought that the Biblical Pastoral Care has made available a series of twelve subsidies entitled ‘Enthroning the Bible’. The document aims to spread the Word of God, exalting and deepening it. In this sense, a series of ten workshops will also be held to reflect on the ‘Mystery of Redemption, from the Global Pastoral Project.

“We wish that this year, dedicated to St. Joseph, be an opportunity to imitate the fidelity of this Saint in the care that he had for the Word of God incarnated in the most pure womb of the Virgin Mary and who wanted to dwell among us, to share our sorrows, sufferings and toil, but also to infuse us with hope in our struggles and efforts,” stressed Bishop Castaño Fonseca. (EPC)

Compiled by Sarah Gangl

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