Chinese Communism: Hong Kong Teachers’ Union (PTU) dissolved

“Having to face the Chinese Communist Party and the local government, made the fight hopeless,” as Hong Kong local government enjoys no independence.

Newsroom (August 11, 2021 10:21 AM , Gaudium Press) The “communization” of Hong Kong is advancing at a rapid pace, and the meaning of the slogan “one country, two systems” is disappearing quickly. Under pressure from Beijing, the Hong Kong Teachers’ Union (PTU), comprising 90% of the teachers and about 95,000 members, dissolved.

A week ago, the Chinese communist newspaper Daily People and the official news agency Xinhua repeated the sentence decreed by the party line: “This union is a malignant tumour that must be eradicated.” For the Hong Kong teachers, the case in now closed. 

“A hopeless fight”

After “strong pressure” from the Comunist authorities, “the union had no choice,” declared Fung Wai-wah, its president. “Having to face the Chinese Communist Party and the local government, made the fight hopeless,” explains Wai-wah, proving that the Hong Kong local government enjoys no independence.

“We had to avoid humiliation, arrests, dismissals, and trials from which we would not have escaped. It was better to dissolve and cease to exist than to be violently suppressed,” Wai-wah stresses, indeed recalling the fate of people like the journalists from Apple Daily, now behind bars.

However, the persecution is not limited to teachers and journalists. It also targets parliamentarians, social workers, lawyers, and judges.

Communists and local authorities have accused the Hong Kong Teachers’ Union (PTU) of “spreading political propaganda” and playing a crucial role in the 2019 pro-democracy demonstrations. Hong Kong authorities have also accused the union of “immersing the school in politics” and failing to “teach students the distinction between good and evil.”

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Who comes next on the list? Inevitably, sooner or later, the Church will be targeted.

The dissolution of the Teachers’ Union will bolster the exodus presently taking place from Hong Kong.

With files from La Croix

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj


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