Catholic Schools Put Rights First in Philippines Poll

The Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) declared on Feb. 7, 2022, that there was no room in government for candidates with distorted values.

Newsroom (10/02/2022 8:32 AM Gaudium Press) An association of Catholic schools in the Philippines has urged voters to show their love for God and the country in upcoming elections by voting for candidates who promote human rights and fight tyranny. The Philippines officially kicked off three months of campaigning on Feb. 8 ahead of polls in May to elect a new president and legislature.

“We believe that our Christian values should be proclaimed vigorously in these elections….Thus, we vehemently reject candidates who run under the platform of lies and historical distortion- disseminated in social media by massively-financed trolls,” said the group in a statement signed by 26 school heads from various Catholic learning institutions around the country.

The CEAP supported the top presidential candidate and son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos to revise the country’s history by claiming that martial law under his father was a golden era.

“We vehemently reject … particularly the brazen presentation of the Marcos dictatorship and martial law as benevolent regimes in our political history. We denounce candidates who exploit our people’s poverty through vote-buying and intimidation,” the group added.

The schools also criticized President Rodrigo Duterte and his daughter Sara, who supported her father’s war on illegal drugs.

“We value justice, and thus reject candidates who have supported the unjust acts of the current [Duterte] administration, particularly its drug war that has killed thousands, mostly the poor and powerless, and the blatant lack of remorse and accountability from the country’s leadership,” the group added.

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“We support leaders who wield power as a social responsibility and not self-entitlement, and who can connect to the spiritual in their lives, through their conscience, discernment, and faith in God,” they added.

The educators said their mission was to pursue the truth not just inside the classroom and in the upcoming elections.

“We humbly pursue our mission to be beacons of light – to bring the light of truth, justice, democracy, and integrity to our society, now languishing in the darkness of lies, injustice, authoritarianism, and dysfunctional leadership and governance. The May elections are an opportunity to break this darkness,”

The group said that the Philippines would be struggling between hope and despair with an uncertain future if corrupt politicians were again voted into power.

Via UCA News

(Compiled by Raju Hasmukh)

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