Cardinal Becciu leaves Congregation for the Causes of Saints and renounces to his rights as a cardinal

The last cardinal to renounce his rights as such was Archbishop Keith O’Brien, Cardinal Archbishop of St. Andrew’s and Edinburgh, Scotland.

cardinal becciu

Newsroom (September 24, 2020 8:00pm Gaudium Press)  Today, the Vatican Press Office reported that the Pope has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Angelo Becciu, 72 years old, from the post of Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.  The Congregation is responsible for the processes of beatification and canonization throughout the world.

Likewise, and in the brief communiqué, the Holy See informs that Becciu also renounces his “rights linked to the Cardinalate”, without giving the reasons for this measure in a rather unusual development.

The last cardinal to renounce his rights as such was Msgr. Keith O’Brien, Cardinal Archbishop of St. Andrew and Edinburgh, in Scotland after allegations of inappropriate relationships with other men. Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick did not resign, but his rights were taken away, as well as his own dignity as a cardinal of the Holy Roman Church.

Before becoming Prefect of the Congregation of the Saints, Cardinal Becciu was a Substitute for the Secretary of State, the so-called “third man” in the Church.

Although his administration was subject to criticism regarding the investment of real estate in London, Becciu had denied any negligence in this regard.

Claims that the resignation is based on concerns related to these financial transactions have not been confirmed.

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