Britain: Law would allow access to sacraments for the dying at crime scenes

Following the murder of British politician, David Amess, an MP proposes that the faithful should have the right to the last sacraments even at crime scenes

England (22/10/2021 19:00, Gaudium Press) A judicial amendment guaranteeing Catholics access to the sacraments is being proposed in the British Parliament. The amendment which has been dubbed the Amess measure would allow the right to the final sacraments even at crime scenes.

The amendment comes after the fact the murder of MP David Amess. While the victim was on the ground, a Catholic priest, who wanted to administer the final sacraments to him, was stopped by the police.

The person responsible for the Amess amendment is Labour MP Mike Kane who is seeking to introduce it into the Police Bill.

This week he explained his intentions in honouring the murdered MP: “I think it is indispensable that people of faith can receive the ministry and sacraments they need in the final moments of life and at the hour of death.”

If approved, the amendment could guarantee priests access to the faithful to accompany them in the last moments of their lives.

The measure which is supported by some and criticised by others.According to forensic experts the presence of a person from outside the crime scene can hinder the work of forensics.

Amess’ death

After being cruelly stabbed last Friday, politician David Amess agonised on the ground. Priest Jeff Woolnough tried to reach the dying man, but police refused access to the scene.

Investigations are still being carried out, but the crime has been deemed an act of terrorism so far. The 25-year-old alleged killer is a British national originally from Somalia. (FM)

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