Breaking – March for life in Canada Resumes After Pandemic Lockdowns

The National March for Life takes place on Parliament Hill on 12th May 2022 at 12:30 pm against government-sanctioned abortion-on-demand and euthanasia.

Newsroom (12/05/2022 10:00 am, Gaudium Press) A group of organizers and local grassroots intent on attending will march to demand legal protection for every human being from conception to natural death. The March commences at 1:15 pm.

“The National March for Life, at its core, is a protest against the greatest human rights injustice of our age. Because of the urgency and importance of life issues like abortion and euthanasia, we have a duty to hold our legislators to account,” said Debbie Duval, National Capital Organizer of Campaign Life Coalition. “The law must protect life, not sanction its termination.”

Each day, almost 300 Canadian women undergo an abortion, in which a baby is killed before birth through surgical or chemical means. More than 15 vulnerable Canadians were killed by euthanasia or assisted suicide that same day.

Jeff Gunnarson, President of Campaign Life Coalition stated that “Even during an ongoing pandemic, the federal government continues to increase abortion funding overseas, abortion is prioritized as an essential service by the federal and provincial governments, and a majority of our parliamentarians voted to expand euthanasia and assisted suicide, despite exposed cracks in our health care system. This cannot go unopposed.”

(Via CLC)

Compiled by Raju Hasmukh

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