Bishop Martyred by Soviets to be Beatified

The Pope has Acknowledged the Martyrdom “out of hatred for the faith” of Venerable Peter Paul Orosz, Ukrainian Bishop of the Greek-Catholic Eparchy, Murdered by the Soviets

Newsroom (05/08/2022 17:15, Gaudium PressOn Friday, Pope Francis recognised the martyrdom “out of hatred for the faith” of the Servant of God, Peter Paul Orosz, Ukrainian Bishop of the Greek-Catholic Eparchy.

The Pope also issued new decrees authorizing the process towards the beatification of five Servants of God: Father Vítor Coelho de Almeida, Brazilian Redemptorist, Jesús Antonio Gómez Gómez, Colombian priest, Umile da Genova, Capuchin, Juán Sánchez Hernández, Spanish priest, Sister Celine Kannanaikal, Indian nun.

The recognition of the martyrdom “for hatred of the faith” of Peter Orosz will soon permit his beatification.

Peter Paul Orosz

Peter Orosz was born on 14 July 1917 in Biri (now Hungary) to a Greek-Catholic family, his father was a Greek-Catholic priest.

At the age of three, he lost his father, and when he was less than ten years old, his mother also died.

He finished his theological studies at the seminary of Uzhhorod in 1942. In that year he was ordained a celibate priest in the Catholic Eparchy of Mukacevo (now Ukraine).

Ministry During War

With the outbreak of war, Father Peter Orosz took a course dedicated to military chaplains in 1943, but the following year he returned to his parish.

Two years after his priestly ordination, Peter Orosz was clandestinely ordained Auxiliary Bishop of the Eparchy in 1944.

The ordaining bishop was Monsignor Theodore Romzha, who was murdered by the communists in 1947 and beatified by John Paul II in 2001.

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Religious Persecution

With the forced annexations of the territories and the persecution of the Greek-Catholic Church promoted by the Soviets, Bishop Orosz was under constant pressure to join the Russian Orthodox Church.

In 1949, the Soviet authorities banned all pastoral activities and the Greek-Catholic churches were closed.

Under surveillance by the secret services, Orosz was arbitrarily arrested several times while carrying out his ministry in secret.

The Martyrdom 

In 1953, a warrant was issued for his arrest. After celebrating the Divine Liturgy secretly, Bishop Péter Orosz was taking the Holy Eucharist to a sick person.

But he was stopped on the way by a soldier, who shot him dead. Mgr Peter Orosz died in Siltse, Hungary.

The faithful have always had a great devotion to Bishop Orosz, always turning to him with prayers and petitions. (FM)

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Compiled by Florence MacDonald


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