Benedict XVI Thanks for Thousands of Congratulations on his Birthday

“These many expressions of devotion and solidarity have made me very happy.” Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI offers his thanks for the wishes sent to him on his 95th birthday.

Newsroom (13/05/2021 2:30 PM, Gaudium Press) On a Press release, Die Tagespost Stiftung für katholische Publizistik, has published Pope Em. Benedict XVI offers his thanks for the thousands of congratulations he received on the occasion of the Birthday:

Würzburg/Rom,13.05.2022: To celebrate the 95th birthday of Benedict XVI, readers of this Internet portal were given the opportunity to send the Pope Emeritus their personal birthday wishes. Thousands of faithful from around the world took part. The moving words of gratitude in so many birthday messages testify to the great influence that the peaching and faithful example of Benedict XVI/Joseph Ratzinger on many people around the world.

The Pope Emeritus himself has now responded, thanking everyone for the birthday wishes sent his way via“On the occasion of my 95th birthday, I received a great number of messages from around the world wishing me a happy birthday. These many expressions of devotion and solidarity have made me very happy. In my gratitude, I feel united with everyone in prayer.”

This is what Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI wrote to Die Tagespost Foundation, the organization responsible for the launch of the website and its continued development and expansion.
The Pope Emeritus’ private secretary, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, who helped Benedict XVI read the birthday messages on the Internet, wrote: “The Pope Emeritus has asked me to express his heartfelt gratitude to everyone who wished him a happy birthday on the website He was filled with great joy and deeply touched by the many warm and affectionate messages that were sent to him there.”
The birthday wishes offered to Benedict XVI on will soon be presented to the Pope Emeritus in a printed and bound volume as well.
Compiled by Gustavo Kralj
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