Artists Reconstruct the Face of Saint Ludmila, Martyred 1,100 Years Ago

The facial reconstruction of St. Ludmila, made by Brazilian designer Cicero Moraes, was unveiled at the Archdiocesan Palace in Prague.

Czech Republic – Prague (23/09/2021 15:44 Gaudium Press) The Feast of St Ludmila is celebrated on September 18 in Tetin, near Prague. Cicero Moraes, a Brazilian designer, has been invited to reconstruct the face of Saint Ludmila, martyred 1,100 years ago. The artist has already performed 70 facial reconstructions, including 15 saints and blessed like Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint Rose of Lima, Saint Valentine, Saint Pauline, Saint Teobalt of Provins, Saint Catherine of Genoa.

The facial reconstruction project of Saint Ludmila is a joint venture between Czech geophysicist Jiří Šindelář, the Archdiocese of Prague, the Office of the President of the Republic and the Knights of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem.

Data Collection

Initially, the project obtained a CT scan performed data on the Saint’s skull. The team used additional digital techniques to capture other areas of the face. Moraes also received data from Emanuel Vlček, an anthropologist who examined the remains of the Saint.
On September 16, the facial reconstruction of Saint Ludmila was unveiled to the public as an exhibit at the Archdiocesan Palace in Prague. (EPC)

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

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