Archdiocese of Seoul promotes initiative that encourages Bible reading

One of the goals of the programme is to get believers to read the entire Bible in less than two years.

South Korea – Seoul (28/07/2021 15:00, Gaudium Press)With the aim of encouraging people to read the Sacred Scriptures, the Archdiocese of Seoul is promoting an initiative that promises to help the faithful to read the entire Bible in less than two years.

Entitled “The Bible in 100 Weeks”, the campaign was created by Father Marcel Le Dorze, and is already present in 277 parishes and communities in the Korean capital, investing in the formation of more than 14 thousand faithful.

Living centred on the Word of God

The pastoral initiative is aimed at people of all ages. According to the organisers, this is because when one lives “centred on the Word of God and on helping one’s neighbour, one lives happily in a spirit of listening and prayer”.

In addition to this programme, the Archdiocese has maintained a YouTube account since 2018 that offers interested faithful various Bible courses. Videos are published weekly, with the aim of helping the faithful of all ages to better understand and discover the Bible.

Bible courses for couples

The Catholic Institute of Evangelisation (ICPE) also promotes Bible courses for couples. The programme, which has 16 weekly sessions lasting two hours each, aims to teach spouses, especially younger ones, to live the teachings of the Bible.

“Through the Scriptures, couples can experience God and confirm their Faith, trusting in His love. On the other hand, this is the foundation of a culture of love and life: God loves us,” commented Titus Choi, director of ICPE in Korea . (EPC)

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