An Altar Emerges from a Mound of Earth?

Fr. Markus Krauth of the Maria Geburt parish in Aschaffenburg, Germany, presented an “Altar Table covered with earth.”

Newsdesk (12/10/2021 10:46, Gaudium Press)On Oct. 3, as the Church celebrated the feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Fr. Markus Krauth celebrated gratitude for the earth.

The German Erntedankfest is an annual feast to thank God for the harvest and is also celebrated liturgically. However, Fr. Krauth decided to commemorate it as Erdedankfest, replacing the word “harvest” (Ernte) with the word “earth” (Erde).

So they placed in the central nave of the church a large mound of earth and people would scoop up the earth in green buckets until a table appeared hidden inside the mound.

Finally, a tablecloth was placed on the table and Father Krauth presided over the Eucharist.

The pastor dedicated his homily to the theme of the “de-clericization of the People of God”.

At a time when the Church is divided between “modernists and conservatives”, such a fact scandalizes and arouses protests.

This news was reported in several newspapers and blogs, including that of Aldo Maria Valli.

By Rita Sberna
Compiled by Camille Mittermeier


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