A journey to the origins of Catholicism

A group of faithful from Algeria has begun a journey through North Africa and the time… Visiting important monuments, the faithful experience the origins of Catholicism

Newsroom (January 25, 2022, 2:30 PM, Gaudium Press) A group of faithful from the city of Constantine in Algeria have been organizing since September an itinerary to visit important places in the history of Christianity.

In order to discover more about the history of our ancestors in the faith, this group of Algerian faithful visited cities and monuments in North Africa that were the stage of great events of Christianity.

In fact, the itinerary is composed of four stages. The first phase began last September, and the project will continue for the coming months.

The tour, which will be led by Bishop Nicolas Lhernould, an expert on North Africa, aims to take the faithful through 700 years of history by getting to know: saints, Church Fathers, important texts of Catholicism, archaeological sites…

A true journey through the History of Christianity

Among the various events, the fight against Arianism and against the Donatist heresy stands out; a fight that served to establish Catholic doctrine more firmly.

Bishop Nicolas makes the faithful relive events from the Roman Empire, accompany the martyrdom of so many believers, the controversy of the “lapsed” Christians, and also allows them to get to know a little of the culture of the people of the region…

In addition, it is not possible to forget important figures such as St. Cyprian and St. Augustine, the Eagle of Hippo, St. Justin and St. Ignatius of Antioch, who lived there and witnessed to the Catholic faith.

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The next stages of the tour are scheduled for March. In this stage, they intend to follow the steps of St. Augustine and experience the drama of the Christian communities during the barbarian and Byzantine invasions. (FM)

With information from Fides.

Compiled by Zephania Gangl

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