Nicaragua priest injured in acid attack taking confession

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (Thursday, December 6, 2018, Gaudium Press) – Roman Catholic officials in Nicaragua say a woman has gravely injured a priest by throwing sulfuric acid on him as he took her confession in the capital’s cathedral.

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Monsignor Carlos Aviles told local press Wednesday that 59-year-old Rev. Mario Guevara was in “delicate” condition following the attack, which caused burns on various parts of his body.

The woman’s motive and identity were not known. Police took her into custody.

The attack came at a time of high tensions between the church and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. Ortega has accused the church’s bishops of involvement in what he called a coup attempt. He had asked the bishops to mediate an end to street protests that were violently repressed by the government.

Source AP


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