USCCB sends Archbishop Broglio in support of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua


Managua, Nicaragua (Wednesday, August 8, 2018, Gaudium Press) Archbishop Timothy Paul Andrew Broglio, of the Episcopal Conference of the United States, today officiated at a mass in the cathedral of Managua, next to Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, and expressed his support for the Catholic Church in Nicaragua.


Broglio arrived in Nicaragua with the mission of supporting the Episcopal Conference of this country, which participates as mediator and witness in a national dialogue to seek a solution to the crisis.

Broglio officiated today the 8 am mass at the Cathedral of Managua, accompanied by Brenes.

At the Mass, Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes presented Broglio as a special guest and said that the religious supports them, on behalf of the United States Episcopal Conference.

Broglio did not give statements at the end of the mass.
Archbishop Broglio was not sent by the Vatican, but appointed by the Episcopal Conference of the United States to show his closeness to the Catholic Church in Nicaragua, said Cardinal Brenes.

Nicaragua has experienced a crisis since April 18, with a balance of between 265 and 317 violent deaths, according to figures from the government and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH), although the Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights (ANPDH) ), calculates in almost 450 the deceases.
Due to the crisis, a national dialogue was established on May 16, with the presence of the government and the Civic Alliance (university entrepreneurs, civil society and peasants), with the mediation of the Catholic Church.

This national dialogue, however, had its last session on June 25. On July 19, President Daniel Ortega said that some bishops would be part of what he described as “coup plan”

The Catholic Church of Nicaragua has denied the signaling and has received local and international support, especially from the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United States government, to continue as a witness and mediator in the national dialogue.

Broglio is archbishop of the Military Services of the United States and was a senior Vatican official at the time of John Paul II.

“My visit is to share your work in favor of peace and coherence of life,” said Broglio, who serves as an observer on the Committee for Justice and International Peace of the United States.

In his homily, the US archbishop recommended to the faithful that in these times they do not seek “worldly solutions,” and recalled that “Jesus can fill our deepest desires, other people and things, they can still leave hunger and thirst.”

Source El Nuevo Diario


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