Zambia National dialogue, the Bishops: "We are ready to do our part"

Lusaka, Zambia (Wednesday, May 30, 2018, Gaudium Press) The General Secretary of the Episcopal Conference of Zambia (ZCCB), Fr. Cleophas Lungu said that Catholic Bishops are “more than ready” to be part of the main team in the dialogue process. The statement follows an appeal by President Edgar Lungu for the Church to join the leadership of the process of “national dialogue”.


Fr. Lungu also stated that the Church is ready to involve all political parties in dialogue and to provide spiritual guidance to the nation. The Secretary General of the Episcopal Conference reiterated the willingness of the Bishops to collaborate with any international organization such as the Commonwealth in fostering national dialogue.

National political dialogue aimed at reducing political tensions in the country after the presidential and general elections of 2016. The Commonwealth designated professor Ibrahim Gambari, of Nigerian origin, to start the process of dialogue between the ruling party, the opposition and the organizations of civil society.

Meanwhile, Caritas Zambia has invited all parties involved to the planned national political dialogue in order to ensure that the process is rooted in Christian values such as justice and peace.

In a statement, the executive director of Caritas Zambia, Eugene Kabilika, said that the dialogue process should be sincere and all-inclusive.

“This reconciliation must be firmly rooted in the Christian values of truth, mercy, justice and peace”, said Kabilika.

He also invited all Zambians to participate in actions that will help bring Zambia back to the right path, where human rights are truly respected, transparency and accountability are valued, especially poor farmers are protected from forced displacement, the integrity of creation is respected and all people in Zambia are treated in the same way.

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“Only genuine, sincere and inclusive dialogue aimed at national reconciliation is the long-term solution. This reconciliation must be firmly rooted in the Christian values of Truth, Mercy, Justice and Peace”, he concluded.

Source Agenzia Fides


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