Australian priest excommunicated for breaching seal of confession

Brisbane, Australia (Thursday, February 15, 2018, Gaudium Press) In 2016, the Archdiocese received a number of complaints concerning Fr Ezinwanne Igbo. In one of those complaints, he was alleged to have committed a canonical offence which resulted in automatic excommunication. This was not an offence under the Queensland Criminal Code.


An investigative process was authorised by the Holy See and conducted by senior canon lawyers. The process confirmed the allegation unanimously. The Archbishop then submitted the judgement to the Holy See, who subsequently requested that the excommunication be made public. Therefore, the Archdiocese now informs you that Fr Ezinwanne Igbo has been excommunicated.

While the excommunication remains in force, Fr Ezinwanne can have no ministerial part in the celebration of Mass or any other public worship; he cannot celebrate or receive the sacraments; and he cannot exercise any office of ministry in the Church. The excommunication will remain in force until Fr Ezinwanne seeks and is granted remission by the Pope, who alone can grant it.

This situation has been painful for the parish of Maroochydore. You are asked now to pray for all who have suffered as a result of what has happened. May Mary, Stella Maris, guide the parish in the way of peace.

Source Archdiocese of Brisbane


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