Assassin of Indian nun says he is happy she is now being beatified

India (Friday November 3, 2017, Gaudium Press) An Indian nun murdered in 1995 will be beatified this weekend – and one of those celebrating is her assassin.

Clarist Sister Rani Maria Vattalil, 41, was stabbed in front of more than 50 bus passengers on a remote jungle track in Madhya Pradesh state as she was on her way home to Kerala state.


Samandar Singh, who killed Clarist Sister Rani Maria Vattalil Maria in 1995, is flanked by Clarist Sister Selmy Vattalil and Stephen Vattalil, elder brother of both the nuns, in 2015 at Sister Rani Maria’s tomb in Udainagar, India (CNS photo/Anto Akkara)

Samandar Singh, then 22, murdered her on behalf of money lenders upset with Sister Rani Maria’s work setting up self-help groups in the Diocese of Indore. Singh has since been forgiven by the nun’s family and was released from prison.

“Whatever happened has happened. I am sad and sorry about what I did. But now I am happy that the world is recognising and honouring Sister Rani,” Singh, a Hindu, told Catholic News Service in a telephone interview from his village of Semlia.

Singh was convicted of the murder and initially was sentenced to death; the sentence was later commuted to life in prison. He said that Sister Rani Maria’s younger sister – Clarist Sister Selmy – had formally accepted him as her “brother” while he was in prison and facilitated his early release. Court officials agreed to the release in 2006 after mandatory declarations were signed by Sister Selmy, her parents and Church officials.

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When Sister Selmy was preparing to return home to southern Kerala state in January 2007 to visit her ailing 82-year-old father, Paul Vattalil, Singh accompanied the nun and apologised to her parents.
“I am now eagerly waiting for the big day,” Singh told CNS.

Bishop Chacko Thottumarickal of Indore told CNS the beatification of Sister Rani Maria “will be an inspiration for those serving the needy and poor in difficult circumstances in the country.

“Sister Rani Maria challenges all to carry on their work even if there is opposition and not to get disheartened by obstacles,” added Bishop Thottumarickal.

Sister Selmy called the beatification “a miracle.”

“Sister Rani urges us all to go forward fearlessly,” said Sister Selmy, who
serves in a remote village in Uttar Pradesh state.

Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for Saints’ Causes, will preside over the beatification. Archbishop Giambattista Diquattro, apostolic nuncio to India, will lead the thanksgiving Mass on November 5 at Udainagar, 25 miles from Indore.

Source Catholic Herald


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