Venezuela – Dramatic situation, children and sick people die, Bishop syas


    Maturín, Venezuela (Friday, June 2, 2017, Gaudium Press) “The situation in the Country is dramatic, there is no food and people have reached the limit of tolerance”.

    This is what His Exc. Mgr. Enrique Pérez Lavado, Bishop of the diocese of Maturín, Venezuela says to Fides. “The attitude of closure of Nicolás Maduro’s government only aggravates the context, the Bishop continues.

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    “The Bishops’ Conference and Venezuelan Caritas continue to make proposals to establish an aid channel. Many Caritas from other countries, as well as other NGOs, are willing to help us by bringing medicines and food. However, the Government hampers any kind of intervention. I happened to see miles of people in a row to buy food.

    Hundreds of people are dying, including many chronically ill children”.

    Source Agenzia Fides


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