Archbishop of São Paulo ordains seven new priests


    São Paulo, Brazil (Tuesday, 6 December 2016, Gaudium Press) The Archdiocese of São Paulo welcomed seven new priests ordained by its archbishop. They are: Ailton Bernardo de Amorim, Bruno Muta Vivas, Gilson Frank dos Reis, Paulo Gomes da Silva, Orisvaldo da Silva Carvalho, Rafael Alves Pereira Vicente and Túlio Felipe de Paiva, who were ordained priests by Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Sao Paulo.

    The temple was packed with family members, friends and representatives of many parishes in the diocese as well as deacons and members of religious communities.


    The new priests made their promises before the Archbishop and then gave their lives to God by the means of service to the Church.

    In his homily, Cardinal Odilo commented on the ministry of priests. “Our high and eternal priest, Jesus Christ, chose some disciples to exercise in his name, and publicly in the Church, the priestly office, for the benefit of humanity,” he said.

    He then emphasized the mission of the future priests, which is to preach the gospel, to feed the people of God, to celebrate divine worship, especially in the Lord’s Sacrifice; transmit the word of God to all. “Let your preaching be food for the people of God and the example of your life be light for the faithful.”

    Finally, the Cardinal concluded: “always having before the eyes the example of the Good Shepherd, who came not to be served, but to serve, and to seek and to save that one which was lost.”

    After the homily, the ordination rite began with the bishop’s question with the candidates who expressed their intention to exercise the ministry according to the mind of Christ and the Church. The litany of the saints was invoked on their behalf.

    By the laying of hands and through the prayer of ordination, the seven new priests received their priestly powers from the Holy Spirit.

    At the end of the ceremony, the decree establishing their new destinations was read by the chancellor, Father Vittorio Moregola. (LMI)

    Source Gaudium Press and the Archdioceses of São Paulo


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