Pope's schedule for first day in Sweden

From the Editor´s Desk (Monday, October 31, 2016, Gaudium Press) Pope Francis travel schedule to Sweden follows:

11:00 Arrival to Malmö International Airport

11:05 Meeting with the Prime Minister at Malmö International Airport

12:00 Private lunch at Igelösa medical research center, the pope’s residence during his stay in Sweden.

13:50 Courtesy visit to the Swedish Royal Family at Lund Royal Palace.

14:30 Ecumenical prayer at Lund Cathedral and homily by the pope. 

16:40 Ecumenical meeting at Malmö Arena sports center and speech by the pope.

18:10 Meeting with ecumenical delegations at Malmö Arena.

19:00 Return to Igelösa and private dinner. 

Source Vatican Radio

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