A blind woman since childhood sees again, through the intercession of Saint Charbel


Phoenix, Arizona, USA (Tuesday, April 05, 2016, Gaudium Press) A miracle, the healing of a blind woman in Phoenix, Arizona, is attributed to the intercession of Saint Charbel Makhlouf. His reputation as a miracle worker – reports AsiaNews – of the Hermit of Annaya, Lebanon (born in May 8, 1828 – died December 24, 1898) is spreading throughout the world and in many places where the fate brought the Maronites, scattered everywhere by their troubled history.


The city of Phoenix is ??witnessing one of these astonishing wonders of which St. Charbel has the secret: the healing of a Spanish-American woman, Daphne Gutierrez (30 years), mother of three, completely blind from Arnold Chiari malformation.

Phoenix is ??a city where there is a strong colony of Lebanese origin, mainly Maronite. The local Maronite church is dedicated to St. Joseph and the masses are celebrated in three languages: Arabic, Spanish and English. The church of Saint Joseph is one of 36 parishes in the United States Maronite, divided into two great dioceses of New York and Los Angeles.

The relic of St. Charbel, which from 2015 is going around parishes, consists of a bone fragment stored in a cedar wood casket. The parish priest of St Joseph’s Church, Wissam Akiki, had given the widest possible spread to the news of the relatively short-term visit (15 to 17 January 2016) that the relic would have turned in his parish, at a retreat for priests attended by the Maronite Bishop, Archbishop of Los Angeles, Mgr. Élias Abdallah Zeidane.

The story of Daphne Gutierrez: she was diagnosed with the Arnold Chiari malformation at age 13, and has developed, over the years, a papillary edema at the end of the optic nerve. Surgery to correct the malformation had proved useless. In autumn 2014 she lost her left eye, which had gradually weakened from the previous year. In November 2015, the right eye was lost leaving her in total blindness that would not let her see even a ray of sunshine. The medical report stated that her blindness was irreversible and required long-term care. The woman was also thinking about retiring in a home for the blind, not to be a burden to her family.

On the weekend of October 16 and 17, encourage by Fr. Wissam, they asked the faithful to pray for healing. Accompanied by one of them, on January 16th: “I put my hand on her head and then over her eyes and asked God to heal her, by the intercession of Saint Charbel,” the priest says. On Sunday Daphne and her family attend Mass and then went back home. On the morning of the 18 the inexplicable cure takes palce. At about 5 am, miraculously she wakes up with a strong itchy eyes and feeling a lot of pressure on the head and orbits. She wakes her husband who feels like a strong burning smell in the room. He turns on the light, but he turns it off again immediately at the request of his wife. But with just the diffused light of a bedside lamp, the woman announces that she can see it. “I can see you, I can see with both eyes” she shouts. Daphne feels a great pressure on her head and eyes, as if she was recovering from an operation. She brings her hand to her head, on the right side, as if there was an injur. “I could not believe it, I did not want to close my eyes”, she says. “My children were shouting mom can see, God has healed Mom!”.

Three days later, an ophthalmic exam confirms the recovery. To date, five doctors have looked at Daphne, including a Lebanese-born ophthalmologist, Dr. Jimmy Saadé. The healing challenges any scientific explanation. According to her doctor, in 40 years of exercise of his profession there is no recorded cure like this one.. “No way! No way!” He would not stop repeating, as he was reading the report in front of her. The eyeball, the report states, has no trace of edema. For professional scruples he is making a complete medical dossier to better analyze the case and solidly document the inexplicable character of the recovery.

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