New Terrorist Threats against Christians in Jerusalem


Jerusalem (Thursday, 07-02-2015, Gaudium Press) In the city’s neighborhood of Beit Hanina, a new leaflet signed by the ‘Emirate of Jerusalem’ which contained threats against the Holy City’s Christians was found on Monday, June 29, reported Fides.

Last week, a similar leaflet was found that indicated the expulsion of all Christians from the Holy City by the end of Ramadan. This second leaflet contained similar terroristic intimidations.

In the face of the anti-Christian threats contained in the leaflets, the Palestinian authorities spoke to press. In an interview with broadcaster Al Arabiya, the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmud Abbas, said that the leaflets were found “in areas controlled by Israel.” The president made reference to the news circulated on militiamen  wounded in the Syrian conflict and treated in Israeli health facilities, saying, “When we know that members of this group (Islamist faction al-Nusra Front, ed) are treated in Israel, how must this situation be interpreted?”

The Palestinian Authority’s government, in a statement, said the leaflet’s content was doubtful” and “tries to harm the unity of the people and tries to foment the conflict in the Holy City.” (D.C.L.)

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