Korean Catholic Bishops launch new “Catechism for the Young”


Seoul, South Korea, (Thursday, 03-12-2015, Gaudium Press) – A new Catechism for young people within sight of the World Day of Youth: an initiative of the Episcopal Conference of Korea, through a synergy between the Commission for Catechesis and a Catechesis for the Youth, has published the seventh and final volume of the “Catechism for the Young”, completing a series entitled” Loving God and loving one’s neighbor. “According to information sent by the Korean Church to Fides, the new Catechism, approved in the last spring meeting of the Episcopal Conference, explains the Ten Commandments with brief texts, easy to use and through exemplary stories. Approved three years ago, the work has been completed and presented today, in a timely manner with respect to an event already that catalyzes, in recent times, the attention of young Koreans: the World Youth Day to be held in Madrid in August. Over the next two months, Catechism will the subject of study and in-depth examination in parishes and associations. During the World Youth Day, young Koreans will be able to read “Youcat”, the teaching aid to Catechism of the Catholic Church, made with the formula of questions and answers, dedicated to young people and published in several languages. The Commission intends to ensure its translation in Korean.

With information from Agenzia Fides


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