Father Antonio Vieira’s complete work was offered to Pope Francis

Vatican City – (Wednesday, 03/04/2015, Gaudium Press) – The Complete Work of Father Antonio Vieira, considered by historian José Eduardo Franco to be “the greatest project of the Portuguese publishing history”, was presented to Pope Francis today.

The work, completed in December last year, has 30 books divided into four volumes and was published in April 2013.

“Of the 15 thousand pages, about a quarter are unpublished or partially unpublished texts, particularly theatre and poetry, that even the researchers were unaware,” the coordinator of the project said.

Father Antonio Vieira, a Jesuit, lived between 1608 and 1697 and was a missionary in Brazil.

The work was offered to the Pope at the end of the general audience by the Rector of the University of Lisbon, António Cruz Serra, and by António Nóvoa, former dean.

In its preparation 52 researchers from various areas of Portugal and Brazil participated. (JSG)

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