Turin is getting ready for the exhibition of the Holy Shroud in April 2015


Turin – Italy (Wednesday, 01/21/2015, Gaudium Press) The Turin’s Cathedral (the home of the Holy Shroud) was closed to the public on Wednesday 21, in order to prepare for the exhibition of the Holy Shroud, which will take place between April 21 and June 24, 2015. On June 21, Pope Francis will celebrate an open air Mass in honor of the famous relic.


Two themes were chosen for the exhibition of the Shroud this year: youth and suffering. “It’s about these issues, in fact, that Pope Francis wanted the exposition to focus” said the Archbishop of Turin, Cesare Nosiglia. The motto of the event, which is “greater love”, was taken from the Gospel of John (15, 13), in order to highlight the deep connection between all aspects of Love: life donation and death on the Cross.

The Holy Shroud is not exposed every year, the last exhibition took place in 2013. Previously it was held in 2010 and received the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. Years before, in 1998, John Paul II stated that the “Shroud is a challenge to our intelligence” – and stressed that – “It requires, above all, the commitment of every person, particularly the researcher to capture the message with deep humility sent to his reason and to his life. The mysterious fascination of the Shroud drives to formulate questioning about the relationship between the sacred Linen and the historical life of Jesus. “(EPC)

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