Archbishop of Xalapa, Mexico: "We need to be more aware of our faith,"


    Xalapa, Maxico (Tuesday, 01/13/2015, Gaudium Press) The Archbishop of Xalapa, Mexico, warned the faithful about neglecting the teaching of the faith to children after making their first communion.

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    Archbishop Reyes Larios,
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    The prelate noted that what happens is that children after making their first communion are not brought back to church for further instruction. “We miss the point because we leave the child as if he knows everything about our Faith at 9 or 10 years old, as if they had already received their doctorate with the highest notes” he said.

    “The consequences of this neglect are harvested later” Archbishop Reyes Larios continues, “when these young people grow up, and for example they go to college, they are approached by people of other religions and they do not know how to defend their faith because they know almost nothing about their own faith”.

    There are even parents who are uninformed themselves and think that it is not necessary to keep sending their children to the Church after receiving the sacrament of the Eucharist. He lamented that some faithful who do not reappear in church until he or she gets married or even worst, when their families organize their funerals. “We need to be more aware of our faith,” Archbishop Reyes Larios concluded.

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