Bishop of Phoenix, AZ, blesses new “Reliquarium", which contains relics of 65 saints


Phoenix, Arizona USA (Wednesday, 11-19-2014, Gaudium Press) The diocese of Phoenix has a new “Reliquarium”, located in St Timothy’s Parish, in Mesa, AZ, which contains relics of 65 saints. It was blessed by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, of the Diocese of Phoenix, on All Saints Day, November 1.

Bishop Thomas Olmsted blesses “Reliquarium”
– Photo The Catholic Sun. Below: faithful come
to venerate relics. Photo: St Timothy
Parish, Mesa, AZ

“As we look upon a relic, we see what death has done, but then we remember if we die with the Lord we will live with the Lord,” the bishop said. “That’s why the relics point to the resurrection.”

Fr. Charles Goraieb, pastor of St. Timothy, hopes that those who visit the “Reliquarium” will have confidence in the power and willingness of the communion of the saints to intercede for those still on earth. The “Reliquarium” has first and second class relics, of saints like the twelve Apostles, St Charbel Makhlouf, St Maria Goretti, among others.

First class relics are part of a saint’s body such as bone, blood or hair. Second class relics consist of articles touched by the saint or touched directly to part of the saint’s body. The Church has a long history of venerating relics.

“I do expect to see miracles attributed to different saints, signs and wonders, prayers answered, as people find their way to one saint or another,” Fr. Goraieb said. And though the faithful can pray at home, there’s something special about the incarnational presence that the relics offer, he said.

“The saints are busier now than they ever were,” Fr. Goraieb said. “They are spending their eternity doing good on earth and until the Lord brings time to an end, our brothers and sisters that are with the Lord are busy helping us.”

Though many parishes have relics – they are often incorporated into the altar at a church’s dedication – no other parish in the Phoenix Diocese possesses and displays dozens for veneration.

The “Reliquarium” is open for prayer after all Sunday Masses and on other days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

With information from “The Catholic Sun”.

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