Argentinean Bishop says on the drug issue: “we must move from concern to action”


    Gualeguaychú, Argentina (Tuesday 10/28/2014, Gaudium Press) After acknowledging that the drug issue has been discussed in Argentina, Bishop Jorge Eduardo Lozano, from Gualeguaychú, said that in his opinion just to worry about the drug issue is not enough and that now serious steps towards action are required. The prelate warned about the consequences of “ambiguous messages” generating a “harmless consumption” feeling, and said: “one of the biggest threats in the dessert is the mirage. It cheats you with appearances and makes you run trying to chase nothing, wasting your energy and bringing deception. Meanwhile, drug traffickers are getting richer with their mafias organized by unscrupulous individuals with no homeland nor solidarity, full of ambition for money and power.”

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    Bishop Lozano invites everyone to reflect on the best solutions to be found, because “in a certain sense, we all are responsible”.

    He says consumerism feeds the false idea that material goods will fulfill the anxiety of the people. In the meantime, “even those having an economic good time, the over-satisfied wishes experience is not enough. Some say “I have everything, but I’m not happy”. Because the deep needs of our spirit are not satisfied by material things”.

    The Bishop also mentioned that the world is being ruled by loneliness. Is “curious that in a society highly technological evolved specially in the area of communication, the deep loneliness experiences are more common than in less advanced sicieties”. In the same way he said poverty, school dropouts (due to lack of motivation or constant repetition), the lack of decent job opportunities for those who become heads of family, are the growing field for escape from reality and evasion behaviors”.

    After stating that “the existential emptiness of our time is a big issue”, he remained what St Pope John Paul II used to say “the drugs are an expression of a deep existential discomfort”.

    The Prelate said the State is responsible for establishing public education and work policies, and concluded encouraging a continuous dialog about the topic at home, church, work, and with friends, in order to help each other.

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