Catholic Seminary in China opens its doors to new vocations


Si Chuan – China (Wednesday, 10/20/2014, Gaudium Press) Twelve young seminarians are the pioneers of a strategy created by the Catholic Church in Si Chuan, China, to open the seminary to new vocations by making it easier to understand the different aspects of the formation of a future priest of Jesus Christ. As reported by Fides News Agency, in the first two years, while residing in the seminary, they will study theology and philosophy as well as administration, public relations and economy.

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Students at Hebei seminary in China
– Photo: Macaubulletin

Once completed those first two years of training they will have to decide, according to the process of discernment, if they want to proceed with their formation as seminarians or return to a civil life in society.

This program of receiving young residents in a seminary, for a short period of time, to do their discernment process, was agreed in a meeting of bishops and priests last March. The age span is between 18 and 24 years old, the program is totally free , including lodging and food.

The Seminary of Si Chuan serves the Province of southwestern China (Si Chuan, Yun Nan, Gui Zhou Chong Qing) and it was reopened in 1985 after the most severe phase of communist persecution to the Catholic Church. Its present building dates from 2005. (GPE/EPC)

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