Singapore to be consecrate to Mary, Star of the New Evangelisation

Singapore (Monday, 09/29/2014, Gaudium Press) The Archbishop of Singapore, The Most Rev. William Goh, announced in a pastoral letter his decision to consecrate his diocese to the Blessed Virgin under the title of Mary Star of the New evangelization. The decision is inspired by the urgency of overcoming the anti-faith social and cultural trends, through a profound spiritual renewal at all levels of the Church. “Where can we find inspiration to undertake the work of spiritual renewal if not in Mary, Mother of the Church?” states the Archbishop.

Most Rev. William Goh.jpg
Most Rev. William Goh, archbishop of
Singapore, prays at the Grotto of
Lourdes, weeks before the announcement
of the consecration to Mary Photo: Blog
Archbishop WilliamGoh

“The thrust of the Universal Church in this century is that of the New Evangelisation” reads the Pastoral Letter detailing the consecration. “This is critical if the Church is to arrest the disturbing trends in the world caused by secularisation and relativism.” The prelate explained that these cultural changes, including immorality, consumerism and materialism also affect the Catholic faithful and therefore there is a need to give a new impulse to evangelization and to the apostolic missionary activity of the Church.

The consecration, an urgent need

Archbishop Goh noted that evangelization is also to promote a personal encounter with Jesus Christ as it is refer to in the Instrumentum Laboris of the Synod of Bishops. For Singapore, this commitment is reflected institutionally in the creation of several offices and diocesan commissions, but requires a transcendent background. “We need, more than anything else, a spiritual renewal within the Church, amongst priests, Religious and laity” said the Archbishop.

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“The urgency is not to be taken lightly ” said the prelate, who claimed that the negative effects of the quickly advancing secularization requires the strengthening of the spiritual, doctrinal and pastoral formation of the members of the Church as well as an authentic personal conversion and deepening of their faith.

To address these challenges, the Archbishop decided to invoke the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary by saying “The work of the New Evangelisation cannot be conceived without turning to Mary, the Star of the New Evangelisation, for inspiration and prayer because it is through Mary that God rebuilt the House of David”. This explains the star on the sail on the Archbishop’s Crest, which represents Mary as the Star of the New Evangelisation.

The Archbishop reiterated that Singapore’s Consecration to the Blessed Virgin is not a symbolic act or a theoretical concept. “We must, as Church, turn intentionally to her for direction. We are called to make a place for Mary in our home, communities and churches. We cannot speak of the New Evangelisation without at the same time cultivating a Marian Spirituality” he said. “We need to re-ignite our love for our Blessed Mother and ensure that she has a place in our spiritual life.”

The date for the consecration of Singapore to Mary, Star of the New Evangelization, is October 7, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. That will mark the begin of an year especially dedicated to deepen such Consecration and the Archbishop has called on all parishes, organizations, movements and communities to consecrate all their activities to the Mother of God. He also has called for special activities including votive Masses, recitation of the Holy Rosary and organized Marian devotions.
Full text of the Archbishop’s pastoral letter can be found on the Singapore Catholic News.

(Catholic News Singapore.)

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