New Church for the Heralds of the Gospel in Recife, Brazil

Moreno – Pernambuco, Brazil (Wednesday, 09-01-2019, Gaudium Press) Last Saturday, January 5, in the morning, the laying of the foundation-stone of the new church of the Heralds of the Gospel, dedicated to “Our Lady of Recife”, took place.

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The ceremony was held with the presence of hundreds of faithful. The solemn Eucharist was presided over by Monsignor Luciano Rodrigues Brito, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife and concelebrated by several priest of the Archdiocese as well as some priests from the Heralds of the Gospel.

Monsignor Luciano in his homily highlighted the beauty of the surrounding place that was chosen for this building and commented on how since of first beginnings of the Church mountains and hills were often chosen by the faithful for the construction of religious buildings.


“In this place where this church will be built, how many prayers will go up to the heart of the Father through the hands of Our Lady. How many faithful will go up these sacred hills in order to pray here, to seek a balm of hope and faith to perform every day the greatest of all works as sons and daughters of God, which is the practice of true love…”


The mayor of the Municipality of Moreno, Mr. Edvaldo Rufino de Melo, along with other authorities were present at the ceremony. (ANH)


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